"This study guide for the "serious bible student" gives that content in a way that connects the dots clearly, concisely and accurately..." 

"Jonathan Maroshick takes a lifetime of notes, study and experience and condenses all of that into a well thought out guide that any serious student of the Bible should look at. His words are clear, engaging, and thought provoking. He does a fantastic job of connecting the important events in the Bible to the timeline and provides great facts to support his conclusions." 

"The notes within are well thought out and were written by someone whose aim is clearly to help others learn..." 

Have you ever wondered how long man has existed or when certain biblical events actually took place? This book uses a connect the dots approach to determining the answers to those questions. An eye-opening publication for the serious bible student, this book takes you from the creation of Adam to the return of Christ by connecting biblical events to their scriptural references.

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